As a professional and experienced team, we are committed to assist you in obtaining Middle-Eastian Visa for your business trip or exhibition and event visit.

How to apply for your authorization code

  • Complete the Middle-East visa authorization application code
  • We will submit application forms to the Middle-Eastian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Visa authorization codes generally take up to 1 weeks depending on your nationality
  • The visa process fee (Above procedures to get your approval number) for each application is 79$. Visa processing fees are paid upon application of visas.
  • American, Canadian and British citizens' procedure will take 15-20 working days and the cost is 99$ per person
  • When approved, we will notify you of your authorization code. Once the code is received please apply for your visa directly with the nominated Middle-East embassy or Middle-East International Airports
  • Once you have received your emailed authorization code and letter, immediately apply for your visa sticker in your nominated Middle-East embassy OR Middle-East International Airports.

Middle-East Visa Stamp Fee (Payable to the consulate on visa collection)

At the time of visa collection (In your nominated Middle-Eastian embassy OR Middle-East International Airports) applicants are required to consider making related consular visa collection and paperwork fee. These fees are separate of visa application fee to be paid to the Travel Agency. The visa fee is depends on your nationality from 30 Euro to 75 Euro.


  • We appreciate that you ensure that your provided information is accurate and complete.
  • Incorrect information can cause delays, questions and potentially
  • A copy of Applicant's passport (valid for minimum next six months)
  • If you have filled the Business Travel Package, there is no need to apply for Visa

Visa Form Application

Visa Form Application
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