to start a fresh business or expand the current one, in a new country, having full knowledge of traveling tips and details, is a must.


We present different services to business events' visitors and exhibitors to help them find peace of mind during their business trip.

With BIZEX, no need to worry about visa, transfer (airport and in city), hotel reservation, hiring a translator or an exhibition guide, and etc.

you can choose our affordable travel packages and enjoy your trip to Middle-East.

- How to pay for services?
We start the visa application process right after you filled the form (free of charge).After visa confirmation, you shall deposit the half of the package cost to our bank accounts in the United Kingdom, UAE or Iran. Balance will be cleared upon your first day of arrival in Middle-East.

- What if there is no hotel available?
You can choose one of our luxurious apartments in Middle-East.

- Have Peace of mind when you are visiting Middle-East:
During your stay in Middle-East, we are right beside you if you need any services or help. 

  • by submitting the form, our colleagues will contact you in less than 12 hours.
  • Please check your email inbox (also spam/junk folder).
  • For visiting events in Aftab exhibition center, there would be a 100$ extra transportation charge.