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Iran’s Non-Petroleum Transactions With Pacific Alliance States Has Gone Over $13 Million

In the last fiscal year, Iran, with a trade of over 7,200 tons of non-petroleum-based merchandise roughly worth $13.7, experienced a 95.68% drop in the tonnage of its trade and a 72.73% fall in value in comparison with the previous year.

Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru which form the Pacific Alliance (and border the Pacific Ocean) are the Latin American trade union. The goal of these countries in forming a union was to safeguard total freedom in transactions regarding good, services, and people.

It must also be noted that the total population of the four of these countries makes up the sum of 210 million people and comprises 35% of the GDP of the region.

Islamic Republic of Iran’s Customs Administration’s released data shows that Iran’s exports have seen a 97.35% decrease in tonnage making it a total of roughly 4,300 tons, worth $6.31 million during the year, which marks an 83.6% fall in the value of Iran’s exports to this region.

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