The Growing Iran-Oman Transportation Relationship

A reefer ship line to convey consumable merchandise, for example, organic products, will be initiated between Iran's Jask Port in Hormozgan Province and Omani ports.

It’s worth noting that this event is without precedent and is going to take place rather soon, Iran's business attaché in Oman said.

It is also worth mentioning that the new transportation course has been made by Iranian private-run organizations, Abbas Abdolkhani furthermore said that , Iranian consumable products such as fruits were sent out to Oman by means of Sharjah in the UAE, however the opening of an immediate transportation course to Oman will help proliferate Iran's exports to the neighboring nation, as was reported by ILNA.

There are at present four transportation courses among Iran and Oman, to be specific these four courses include: Jask-Suwaiq, Bandar Abbas-Sohar, Khorramshahr-Sohar and Bandar Abbas-Suwaiq.

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