The 9th Int’l Mother, Baby, & Child Exhibition (MBC2018)


Wednesday, August 15, 2018 to Saturday, August 18, 2018
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Mother, Baby and Child Exhibition (MBC) assembles organizations and creation units giving items and administrations in the range of moms, infants and kids with the goal that they can offer their most recent accomplishments. This presentation gives what moms should know before labor, distinctive wellbeing and instructional administrations, diverse items and businesses identified with babies. Other than this presentation, distinctive instructional workshops are composed including free vision screening, strategies to diminish worry amid pregnancy, mother& infant brain science, free IQ-test, techniques for ability finding in youngsters, infant and tyke training workshop. This presentation is held in a range of 6000 m2. Different projects held in this presentation incorporate sorting out unique corners with the expectation of complimentary examination of infants and kids, physical examination, optometry and Ophthalmology, IQ-test and different issues identified with wellbeing of infants and kids.

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