The 27th Int'l Exhibition of Home Furniture (Hofex)


Wednesday, August 15, 2018 to Saturday, August 18, 2018
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HOFEX Iran - Home Section is seen as the best and most display in Iran's furniture industry. This component, which is held with the interest of Iran's rule convey marks in furniture industry, has been set in 4 sections to straightforwardness access for visitors, and each portion addresses a thing order: Modern Furniture, Classic Furniture, Children and Teenage Furniture, and Mattress range. 400 exhibitors are partaking in around 73000 square meters net range and around 45000 square meters net an area, and with around 4% advancement appeared differently in relation to last year's, Hofex Iran - Home Section as the best show in Iran and focus east's history. 

In this awesome exebition the greater part of Wood and Furniture organizations and additionally makers and merchants inside creator organizations makers of important crude materials distributers will be go to. The objective of The 27th Int'l Exhibition of Home Furniture(Hofex) is: 

Introduction of new items and innovations in Furniture industry 

Giving an appropriate setting to members' self assessment, showcase study and creating change methodologies. 

Presenting fruitful and top rated organizations. 

Giving appropriate setting to benchmarking, pulling in speculations, accomplices, HR and access to encouraging administrations. 

Worldwide participation and joining. 

Acquainting the market with the individuals who mean to put resources into the market

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