The 24th Int’l Exhibition of Electronic, Computer & E – Commerce


Saturday, July 28, 2018 to Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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ELECOMP is the best business event in Iran's Market of Electronics and Computer Products and organizations. Since its first form in 1995, different players of this stage in Iran introduce their latest achievements in programming and gear in ELECOMP reliably. The event gives a unique opportunity to the activists of this part to orchestrate the possible results of working up new business and inventive ties to help their business and augmentation their offer of this gigantic and continually creating business division. The lawmaking body of Iran which is possibly among the best customers of this market, especially by virtue of its plans for sending of Electronic Government, is unequivocally propelling closeness of Iran's electronic and PC business in overall scenes and markets. It is ordinary that the best in class arrival of ELECOMP which is wanted to be held between 28-31 July, 2018 give an extraordinary opportunity to the activists of this division inside the country and abroad, to help their business through working up strong business joins with their accomplices and outfit themselves with the right apparatus to effective proximity and in this enormous market.

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