The 3rd Int'l Exhibition of Iran Transaction


Tuesday, October 24, 2017 to Thursday, October 26, 2017
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ITE 2015 was held on 26-28 of October at Tehran Municipality’s Specialized Exhibitions Permanent Center (Goftegoo Park). Governmental organizations such as Management and Planning Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran, Central Bank of Iran, Presidential Center for Innovation and Technology Cooperation, Tehran Municipality, and Cyber Police were sponsors of the event. Also, different banks such as Tejarat, Ansar, Ayandeh, Informatics Services Corporations, Irannara, Iran-Kish Credit Cards, Samen Ertebat, Adonis, Intech, and Kharazmi were gold sponsors of the event. Besides, more than 70 banks and corporations including 12 international companies participated in ITE 2015 and more than 3000 visitors visited the exhibition. The event was inaugurated with the presence of high ranking officials including Dr. Nobakht, vice president and head of Management and Planning Organization, and Dr. Seif, Governor of Central Bank of Iran. Furthermore, 38 ambassadors from different countries, 25 delegates of Iran Joint Chamber of Commerce, and International Friendship Associations of Iran attended ITE 2015. In the sideline of the exhibition, three specialized seminars, entitled ‘cards and payment’, ‘banking innovation’, and ‘banking system in post sanction era’ were held. During three days of exhibition, 34 senior economic officials, CEO of banks, and CEO of Iranian corporations participated, and Iranian and international experts had discussion with each other. 40 showcases introducing new products, 3 business workshops directed by international companies, and startup shows were other programs of ITE 2015

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