Applying to country pavilions will let the small and medium sized businesses to achieve even greater visibility with local distributors and retailers.
These companies will:
  • Enjoy a bigger booth and better look
  • Be able to use common VIP and meeting areas
  • Attach their brand to their country (brand image)
  • Save money on booth registration and stand design
  • Save more money on business travel packages


With respects to each country’s cultural particularities and commercial goals, we design special national pavilions that reveal each country’s character.

Visitors usually find themselves and their time very effective in country and regional pavilions.

They can get a sense of the country’s market environment, they find it easy to compare offers from different sources of one region.

After all, having options to choose and measurability of the offers and advantages, is all customers are looking for.


Why exhibit on a Country Pavilion?

Exhibitions are not the cheapest marketing strategy; Country Pavilions can manage the costs in a larger scale and avoid extra fees. It also makes the effect of your branding bigger with an atmosphere to display various products and services under one umbrella. 

Who is not advised to participate in a country pavilion and why?
Large enterprises are not advised to attend country pavilions, since it may damage their brand integrity. Though it is recommended to have booth close to your country's pavilion, while you are exhibiting in a separate island or space.